Friday, October 30, 2009

Catch up

I just popped into the blog circle and realized it has been a very long time since I posted anything.

We had our first Anniversary a while back and had so much fun celebrating. We took our wedding cake top and a Martinelli's to the Red Robin restaurant and when we started unpacking nice glasses the waitresses started drifting by one at a time to congratulate us. We had an evening full of laughter and good food and got home very late.

A couple nights later we used a gift card we got from DeRoests and had another nice evening out at Acapulco's. I was very impressed with the staff there and the food was awesome!

The patio garden is down now and I was a bit disappointed with the overall production. However it was fun and we did get alot of peppers and beans. We will definately do it again next year and we won't have to buy so much dirt next year so it will go in earlier and will likely do much better.

Ian started school 7th grade and is doing ok there. It is a bit of an adjustment to be in middle school now and we are finding alot of holes in his elementary education. Good thing he is so bright and can pick up those things quickly.

A couple of holiday projects are: I am collecting baby things for a baby girl due in the middle of November. My sister and I are putting together a baby shower in a box so if anyone wants to contribute just contact me and let me know.

Of course I have Mary Kay for sale this holiday season and can take orders until the first week of December and be relatively sure that they will get here in time for Christmas. I also do pamper of the month gifts for ladies that are close to us here in Portland. But this year I am also working to collect money for the Mary Kay Foundation. I will be providing a gift wrapping service at the Target or Fred Meyer stores hopefully with several other Mary Kay sisters. The donations that are given for that service will go to the MK Foundation which gives grants to those helping to fight Cancers that effect women and also those who work to stop Domestic Violence. Let me know if that is something you would like to be involved with in any way.

We are very much looking forward to the holidays and can't wait to start decorating for Christmas which we will start doing just as soon as the yucky holiday is over with. lol

Anyway, that is our life in a nutshell for now. Hope you are all doing well and we will try to post again soon.

Pam and Ron (and Ian)

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